Our Highlights 2016


Scent Expedition to Madagascar

For the second time, a group of perfumers traveled to Madagascar with the goal of researching raw materials and finding inspiration for fragrance creations. The island off the east coast of Africa offers a wide variety of exotic blossoms, woods and roots. A particular focus was placed on the quality of the natural substances and the sustainability of their extraction. New fragrance creations for customers around the world and improved backward integration for Symrise were the results of the successful excursion.

Graduation Day

After four years of training, five young talents at the Symrise Perfumery School successfully completed their exams with the presentation of their final projects. The new junior perfumers hail from Brazil, France and Germany. They were trained at Symrise’s headquarters in Holzminden as well as at the company’s global creative centers in industrialized and emerging markets around the world. The young perfumers will supply new impulses in the creation of beautiful fragrances at Symrise.


UEBT Certifies Symrise Amazon

Symrise Amazon in Brazil is the first manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients, scents and flavorings in Latin America to be certified by the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT). Symrise currently sources 19 natural ingredients from grower communities and cooperatives in the Amazon region according to internationally recognized standards for ethical organic trade. This includes the preservation of biodiversity and a fair distribution of the benefits with the growing communities.


Vanilla – Madagascar – Symrise: Our new English-language vanilla website connects with visitors, inviting them on a fascinating journey through the world of vanilla, and describes Symrise’s diverse commitments regarding its sustainable sourcing of the “Queen of Spices.”


+ 235 %

Symrise celebrated its IPO on December 11, 2006. At the time, our share was valued at € 17.25. Ten years later, the Symrise share was listed at € 57.79, which corresponds to an increase in value of 235 %. The market valuation of Symrise AG has increased in this time from € 2.0 billion to € 7.5 billion – a clear confirmation of its steady and successful management.

Making a Commitment to Biodiversity

Symrise has signed a UN initiative making a voluntary commitment to biodiversity. Symrise supports preserving biodiversity, using it responsibly and sharing the value created by the genetic resources that our planet relies upon. By signing this initiative, Symrise is making a voluntary commitment to implement concrete measures, for example, to develop and carry out their own concept for preserving biodiversity in the supply chain.

Membership in the FTSE4Good Index

In December 2016, Symrise underwent a scheduled review by the prominent international index provider FTSE. In the course of this, FTSE confirmed Symrise’s membership in the FTSE4Good Index. FTSE provides financial market participants with security indices that cater to specific investment goals. The FTSE4Good Index features securities from companies with top performance in sustainability and corporate governance (ESG). It is highly regarded by ESG investors.


New Site Opens in Iran

With “Symrise Parsian,” we opened a new site in Tehran and thereby strengthened our presence as an industry forerunner in the Middle East. Symrise maintains close and long-term relationships to customers in the region – a region that offers substantial business potential.

Repositioning in Perfume Creation

“We want to improve life with fragrances.” This is the core message of the new positioning for perfume creation at Symrise. It comprises centuries of fragrance mastery, collaborative creation and pleasure with purpose for conscientious consumers. At Symrise, every fragrance should delight both the senses and the soul.

Successful Audit of the Symrise Sustainability Report

The independent auditing agency DQS confirmed that our Sustainability Report was a reasonable and credible presentation of the Group’s sustainability profile, that all disclosures and figures were carefully ascertained and that the entire report is characterized by high accuracy. The verification is based on the AA1000 Assurance Standard.


Symotion Receives Green Logistics Award

The logistics company Symotion, a Symrise subsidiary, received the Green Logistics Award certification from the DQS (Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen). Symotion develops tailored logistics concepts for Symrise and other external customers. The DQS evaluates, for instance, the safety and storage of hazardous materials and transportation optimization to save fuel and reduce emissions. Symotion counts among the most environmentally friendly logistics companies in Germany.