Dear readers and friends of Symrise,

“You can’t overtake someone if you’re following in their footsteps.” Such was the belief of French film director François Truffaut, who forged many new paths with his work. “Diversifying Success. Successfully Diversifying”, the motto of the 2016 Corporate Report, also harnesses this belief. Symrise is one of the most successful companies in the industry because we are willing to look beyond the classic areas of flavors and fragrances to find new areas of activity and markets where we can utilize our strengths. Because of this, we have grown twice as fast as the rest of our market. On the one hand, we are expanding our customary business units with innovations and new products. While on the other hand, we have also become stronger through business combinations, which in turn have redefined our portfolio and our structure.

That Symrise often takes a different approach to things is clear from the articles in our magazine: How we sustainably extract scent molecules from natural byproducts (see The Fragrance of Forests). Why our employees visit banana plantations in Ecuador (see Everything’s Bananas!). Or why Symrise keeps its own bees (see Of Bees and Biodiversity).

Striving for economic success is what drives us. The results for the 2016 fiscal year are presented in the summary of the Group management report and consolidated financial statements. Sustainable business practices are an integral part of our corporate strategy and our business model. A comprehensive picture of this is provided in an input-output model developed specifically for this report. As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, we actively support the principles of responsible business outlined therein.

2016 was a successful year for Symrise, in which we could also celebrate ten years of being a publicly traded company. Our share has more than tripled its value since 2006. We are sticking to our medium-term goals until 2020: annual sales growth of 5 to 7 %, an EBITDA margin between 19 and 22 %. We are optimistic about the prospects for 2017. Symrise will continue to be successful – successfully different.

We hope you enjoy reading the Symrise Corporate Report for 2016.

Your Global Management Committee

» We are optimistic about the prospects for 2017. Symrise will continue to be successful – successfully different.  «

Symrise’s global management committee

1. Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram CEO2. Achim Daub President Scent & Care3. Heinrich Schaper President Flavor4. Dr. Norbert Richter Aroma Molecules Division5. Olaf Klinger CFO6. Dr. Jean-Yves Parisot President Nutrition7. Eder Ramos Cosmetic Ingredients Division