Sustainable Development Goals | SDG 3

Good health and well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Due to our industry, occupational health and safety play a very important role. Many of our employees work not only with natural raw materials, but also with chemical basic materials. As a result, each production site has its own occupational health and safety committee, comprised of both management and employees. Prevention is the key to making our vision of a “zero-accident culture” a reality. In 2016, we also laid the foundation for investigating near misses at work. In this process, even incidents where an accident was narrowly avoided are also documented. All employees undergo health and safety training courses designed specifically for their given activity. Many courses promote well-being with a focus on a variety of topics such as healthy nutrition, healthy sleep, avoiding physical strain and ergonomics at the workplace, as well as on motivation, management culture and mutual appreciation.

Symrise also contributes to the health of the people in the supply chain. Selected projects support people with special needs and disabilities. We’re also providing more and more small-scale farmers with access to medical care. For instance, men and women at Confoco in Ecuador receive regular check-ups and medication, are vaccinated against yellow fever and can go to a clinic that Confoco has a treatment agreement with if they are very ill. This offer is provided for the entire family.

With targeted R&D activities, we promote healthy nutrition and personal care. Thanks to our expertise in the areas of phytochemistry, efficacy screening and analytical chemistry, we can help improve consumers’ well-being over the long term, as most of the ingredients are based on natural raw materials or inspired by nature.