Animal Welfare | FP13

Total number of incidents if significant non-compliance with laws and regulations, and adherence with voluntary standards related to transportation, handling, and slaughter practices for live terrestrial and aquatic animals

Symrise and Diana source animal raw materials and byproducts exclusively from suppliers that comply with European laws and local regulations regarding animal welfare. As a company, we are not involved in animal husbandry, nor do we slaughter any animals ourselves (regarding the supply chain, see 414-2). We are currently working to further develop our policy on animal welfare. Although Symrise does not process any animals, the share of raw materials originating from animals has increased with our acquisition of Diana, which is why we are placing such importance on clear and responsible standards in this area. Furthermore, we founded the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef together with other companies in 2015. The goal is to continually improve the value chain for beef.