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Management Approach

As an employer of choice, we are aware that our employees expect an HR policy from us that enables them to keep their professional expertise up to date, to incorporate their knowledge into their work and to advance their career at Symrise.

This includes supporting our employees with lifelong learning. At all company levels worldwide, we have a training concept that develops and fosters our employees’ professional expertise. In addition, we also offer targeted communications and management training sessions that have been especially designed for specific target groups, for example, managers in production or midlevel managers.

Our performance review and talent management processes provide a structured platform for giving feedback to and developing our employees and as such they are an important HR development tool for our managers.

Our career development and succession planning process allow us to combine personal career development with the company’s organizational development. In doing so we can identify new prospects for our employees.

Today we are recruiting the next generation of top-level managers almost exclusively from our own ranks. Our guidelines allow for 80 % internal recruitment while 20 % is to be from outside the company.