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Management Approach

Symrise’s strategic HR policy has been to be an employer of choice since 2012. In the course of this process, we have focused our HR policy on five main areas:

  1. Establishing a flexible and innovative work environment
  2. Creating a transparent, fair and motivating remuneration policy
  3. Offering attractive benefits such as a company retirement plan and a health management program
  4. Furthering professional advancement and development and building our talent management program
  5. Creating a company culture and leadership culture that will increase employee loyalty
This HR policy strives to create an environment for our employees where they can experience positive continuing professional development. Beyond that, the goals we’ve taken on extend from ensuring a safe and healthy work environment to sustaining a fair and equitable remuneration policy. Like other companies, we also have to tackle the task of positioning ourselves as an appealing company in regard to demographic changes. We owe our success to the extraordinary dedication of our workforce of more than 9,000 employees in over 20 nations. To sustain this success well into the future, we offer our employees a host of employment benefits and opportunities. We would like to be an employer of choice for them and are striving for employee commitment to our company lasting into the year 2020 that matches the commitment level we witnessed in our employee engagement surveys from 2012 and 2016. Regularly conducting an employee engagement survey proves that our employees participate deeply in the company and that the company is truly committed to being an employer of choice.