Supplier Environmental Assessment | 103-1, 103-2, 103-3

Management Approach

Our long-term objective is to source all our raw materials in a manner that is as sustainable as possible. We do not simply seek to reduce negative environmental or human rights impacts in our supply chain but rather to create real value for all participants. We at Symrise view sustainable procurement as a prerequisite for the company’s long-term commercial viability: Our usage of 10,000 natural and synthetic raw materials from over 100 countries makes us heavily reliant on the availability of these raw materials, their quality and price stability. We confront this through close cooperation with our customers and suppliers and through the advancement of social and ecological standards in developing countries and emerging markets.

Our systematic integrated management ensures that suppliers adhere to our standards: This means that all new suppliers must provide information on the topics of quality, environment and product safety as well as on their own sustainability program, and with a signed document they obligate themselves to maintaining our responsibility standards for sustainability.