Effluents and Waste | 306-2

Waste by type and disposal method

Our waste management consists of waste avoidance, the reduction of waste volume, incineration of waste to generate energy, the reuse of waste, and recycling. The creation of sensitive waste serves as an important control quantity in our company sustainability management. We reached our goal of reducing sensitive waste by 33 % by 2020 (relative to the value added and with 2010 as the base year) early, in 2016.

Total Waste Volume in 2016: Hazardous and Nonhazardous Waste

Type Amount (in t)
Hazardous waste 14,708
Nonhazardous waste 38,444

Total Waste Volume by Disposal Method

Disposal Method Amount (in t)
Composting 482
Incineration 14,081
Recycling 5,426
Chemical-physical treatment 2,389
Wastewater processing 3,913
Biogas plant 3,347
Landfill 18,214
Other waste processing 5,299
Total 53,152