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Direct (Scope 1) GHG emissions

We have been systematically compiling our greenhouse gas emissions and reporting these according to direct emissions (Scope 1) and energy-indirect emissions (Scope 2) of the GHG Protocol since 2006. Direct CO2 emissions are a central control quantity of our company sustainability management. By achieving a reduction of 35 % in direct emissions (Scope 1) and energy-indirect emissions (Scope 2) in 2016, we have already achieved our goal of reducing these by 33 % by 2020 (relative to the value created and with 2010 as the base year). Because of this success early on, we have decided to develop a new climate strategy in harmony with the 2° celsius goal established by the United Nations at the Paris Climate Summit. We will be taking a detailed position in the next sustainability report on this topic.

Direct Emissions (Scope 1) 2016

Category Amount (in t)
CO2 direct emissions (Scope 1) 194,358