Water | 103-1, 103-2, 103-3

Management Approach

Over the coming decades, many regions on the planet will experience severe shortages of this essential resource. This is a topic we’ve analyzed as having a high social value for materiality. Firstly, the physical availability of water as it relates to our supply chain is important, and secondly, this topic is bound together with growing regulations and the significance of our company’s reputation.

Symrise does not currently operate any sites that use a significant amount of water in areas with limited water. Still, we do everything in our power to use the precious resource of water as efficiently as possible and continuously reduce our production of wastewater. To ensure that we’re able to identify and actively manage potential water risks early on, we also systematically assess our supply chain and maintain regular contact with our suppliers. Symrise’s commitment in the area of water was rated by the CDP Water Program 2016 with their highest grade Leadership A-.