Materials | 103-1, 103-2, 103-3

Management Approach

We focus our efforts on achieving more efficient use of raw materials. This topic is material because we value production that preserves as many resources as possible while being as cost efficient as possible and production that also serves as the basis for innovative and sustainable products both for us and for our customers. This encompasses, for example, the development of our own technological solutions, such as our patented SymTrap® process. This procedure allows us to fully extract flavor-active components from the sidestreams of raw material processing – thereby achieving a maximum resource yield that simultaneously saves energy. Enhanced efficiency not only has environmental implications, but it simultaneously cuts spending while also displaying our Symchronize™ initiative in action. We joined forces with customers to develop this integrated supply chain management system, which serves to identify areas of action and issues with the potential for reducing not just our consumption of energy, water and resources but also our emissions. Our approach: excellence in the supply chain.